After Hours Plausibility (to-go)

(continued from previous post) “A plausibility structure is the sociocultural context for a system of meaning” “eh… what?” “Basically a plausibility structure is the “life” around you that that influences the beliefs you have. So like we were talking about earlier- where you live makes up part of your plausibility structure. The books you read. […]

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After Hours Plausibility

Friday 5:30pm. Sarah sees Jane coming out of the elevator and it’s time for their favorite ritual- their weekly walk through city park to wind down from the week. After exchanging a little debriefing of work drama, the topic turns to deeper discussion. “I just don’t know, Jane.” “I just feel like it’s getting harder […]

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A Great Sermon

Shelden and Bill, two twenty-something friends stop into a local Mexican joint after church. As the burritos come out, Shelden’s eyes light up. After Bill says a quick prayer the conversation turns to the sermon. “Bill! What a sermon! Man, Pastor Owen is such a good preacher. I just love the way he talks about […]

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